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Where does all that Time go?

Whilst every one wants to perform at their best it is evident from my work with clients that many feel they could achieve more from their day.In a world where performance and achievment is monitered closer than ever before many leaders would benefit from a more detailed understanding of where their time goes and how to reduce both stress and increase performance.The excellent artice by E M Hallowell outlines many of the most common symptoms of overload. Go to The first step is to understand the issues and a personal time log is probebly the only way to do this.This short document outlines an approach that can create real personal understanding of your personal issues and form the basis of a plan to change behaviour in managing yourself and working with others.It is often said that simple things can provide the most effective results – this is a simple tool that can realy change your perspective and help you understand yourself and your performance better.Let me know how you get on !

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