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Total Refrigeration review their Customer Service

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Total Refrigeration

Understanding the emotional side of customers 

 Total Refrigeration the Manchester based market leaders in refrigeration services to the retail industry spend a day reviewing their customer service by getting inside the customers shoes and understanding the emotional states that drive their customers.

They undertook an activity to identify what excellent customer service looks like by using their own experience and recorded the descriptive words that they would use to describe it.

Excellent Service

Poor Service

Focused Can’t be bothered
Helpful Ignorant
Polite No compromise
Approachable Not interested
Knowledgeable Sarcasm
Happy / Smiling Evasive
Friendly Attitude and tone
Attentive Take to long to get back
Personal Consideration
Good greeting


The key points arising from this were;

  • People’s view of customer service is based on their own views and experiences
  • Those views on customer service were more emotional than rational
  • That getting the right product is not the differentiating factor it’s just expected
  • That any one can unwittingly project poor service approaches
  • That we need to be consciously competent of our own approach 

An output from the day was an identification of the different emotional states that customers may contact the company in. This enabled the group to segment their customers by the nature of their contact and better empathise with the customer’s requirements. The customer groups were called “me’s” reflecting the importance of seeing customers as individuals with specific needs.


As a starter they identified five customer groups and began discussions on what they could do to meet the customer’s needs. This enabled the group to share their experiences of best practice and examples of where they had helped customers. Some of these approaches reflected the positive customer comments received by the company.


Short Notice Me

  • Reaffirm the delivery terms and take internal steps to try and make the delivery earlier.
  • Ensure customer has the exact day of delivery so they can plan.
  • Plan courtesy call to ensure delivery has been made to customer’s satisfaction.

Emergency me

  • Ensure engineer attends next working day.
  • If possible engineer to attend same day.
  • Courtesy call from technical manager.
  • Follow up call from customer services.

I need information me

  • Ask questions and listen to understand the customer.
  • Direct to web site for more information / reference.
  • Summarise call and requirements.
  • Stay in contact for future business development.

Help me plan me

  • Ask questions and listen to define the customer’s requirements.
  • Provide advice and options to help them make decisions.
  • Discuss potential delivery dates and preparation.
  • Summarise information / link to website.
  • Explain after sales service.

I know what I want me

  • Identify options and extra services.
  • Take information quickly and accurately.
  • Call back for feedback / business development.

Other elements of the day included a review of customer feedback and internal research on how customers viewed the service the company offered.

The group also took part in a scenario activity to benchmark themselves with what they felt the best service they could offer would be. This included the question

“how good do you want to be?”

Also used as a reference was an example from Mike Peggs excellent book The Art of Encouragement that outlines the gymnastics gold winner Peter Vidmars approach to gaining the perfect 10

To get the perfect 10 an althlete must reach the Olympic standard and then gain extra marks through Risk / Originality and Virtuosity. From a customer service perspective an organisation must provide great products for the 9.4 but then excel in customer service by providing their own .2’s to wow their customers. The question is

“what are our .2’s that differentiate us from our competitors?”



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