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Leadership Activities for Effective Change

For large organisations strategies for change are driven from a corporate or global perspective and require huge effort to redirect resources. This is the realm of large consultancies providing extensive research and coaching services and may take years to develop and implement. The reality of many business environments however is that leaders often need to make smaller process, structural and cultural changes to their teams or business’s without the benefit of combined consultancy best practice and support. For these leaders working with real people at the front line of the business these smaller incremental changes provide a more personal and visible challenge to their leadership skills.

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This article aims to identify steps to thinking through and implementing change on a local level although the approach could provide a template for larger process. The focus is on the leader and their people. There is no way this approach can be described as rocket science or groundbreaking however it covers the areas that have contributed to or stalled success over some of the projects I have worked on. It provides more of a thinking template than a tick list.

A Compelling Template for Leadership and Business Change

Property Care working with Orginspire provide a compelling template for improving the effectiveness of your DLO through focusing attention on effective leadership practice

“the best and most thorough change process I have been involved in”

Ralph Middlemore, Property Director, SSHA

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Direct Labour Leadership Case Study

It is clear from the Property Care experience that many companies can increase their productivity through improving their culture through leadership and harness the skills and talents of their people. By initiating change to improve both leaderships skills and employee engagement companies can focus on spending time on the right things beyond their daily problems and make decisions that position themselves better for the future rather than just reacting to external pressures.

By ensuring all areas of the business are aware of performance both operationally and personally a clear approach to development and change can be undertaken. Key drivers are a broad understanding of the business challenges and a vision for how they will be met. In many cases utilising the nascent talents through a more focused approach will ensure the organisations energy is aimed in the right direction.

Orginspire and The Great Training Company work with organisations to help them get the best from their people at all levels. We aim to understand your business and your people to craft solutions that work for you and are sustainable for the future. We are proud of the work we do and aim to provide a legacy of knowledge that adds value in the long term.

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