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Inclusive On Line Coaching for all Delegates

At Great Training we believe that the course is only the beginning of improvement and the real pay off is when the ideas have been implemented. To help our customers achieve the best from their investment we offer all our delegates a 30 minute virtual coaching session with their course tutor inclusive of the course fee within 4 weeks of their training course. The tutor will review the course content with the delegate and answer any further questions that have occurred to them since the event. They will also help the delegate think through specific course related issues that have arisen during the implementation phase. These sessions can be done on the phone or using video conferencing and act as an extra way of making implementation happen.


Maximise your Employee Survey Results

Many companies use employee surveys to find out more about their companies culture but few really maximise their investment by ensuring they have the highest response rate and interpreting all that data into management information.Here Orginspire shares ideas from companies that do that little bit extra and provides a template for those who want to find out more about whats really going on.

Get the best response rate


Turn data into information

Making the most of your Employee Survey

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