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How to Manage Conflict Positively

When leaders talk of conflict they usually position it in negative terms with the goal being to minimise the repercussions rather than manage the process. Unless autocratic leaders or aggressive individuals always make the best decisions then this has to be viewed as a mistake. Respectful conflict management can lead to better decisions that have the engagement of all parties and be a route to better relationships and broader modes of thinking.

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Dealing with Conflict Positively

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Trust Employee Briefing

Usain bolt and the Jamaican relay team provide a great metaphor for the importance of trust and team working in organisations. For more information contact

This presentation was made in 2009 to over 600 employees at a manufacturing organisation in the north of England as part of their Dignity at Work initiative. The themes of Trust and Team Working formed part of their employee engagement strategy which enabled them to subsequently win a prestigious business award.
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