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Building Confidence TATA Steel

A great series of workshops undertaken with TATA Steel at Scunthorpe to promote the universal leadership approach they take to safety. The one day workshops focus on the importance of everyone playing a leadership role in the personal safety of themselves and others. The emphasis of the day is on the importance of Safety Conversations at all levels as part of the day to day activity of all employees and helps participants approach potentially difficult conversations with confidence and purpose. The events form part of the TATA FELT leadership program run in conjunction with Ashorne Hill Management Development Centre in Leamington.

Many people can feel unsure how to tackle difficult situations in the workplace whether it be about behaviour or performance. At Orginspire we can help build confidence by supplying both skills and structure in aTATA_Steel_Workshops. To max your peoples skills in a variety of areas from customer service / complaint handing or leadership contact Orginspire for more information.


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