Train the Trainer


Train the Trainer

Most of us will remember a great training course we have been on in the past but what made it great? Often people will mention a mix of relevant content, participative activities and an engaging presentation, a set of circumstances all within the control of the trainer.

Developing trainers is about developing an internal resource which is both cost effective for the organisation and inspiring for the individual. An effective in house resource will ensure that training is delivered in the right context and language by people with the credibility and experience to truly connect with the audience. Training your trainers will incrementally improve the whole learning enviroment of your organisation.

The Great Training Company offers two approaches to helping people become excellent trainers,

Training Courses.

Our training courses are bespoke to your people’s needs and experience but relevant content will usually include


  • The psychology of learning.


  • Identifying training needs rather than courses.


  • Writing a training plan.


  • Writing instructional objectives.


  • Researching content and materials.


  • Creating lesson plans and notes.


  • Managing pace and participation.


  • Activities / Technology and Media.


  • Evaluating training effectiveness.


This approach works with a small group of trainers who may represent different departments or areas of the company. Often the reason for the course is to provide an internal resource for a broader large scale training intervention or change process. The Great Training Company will use real situations as the context for the course enabling the delegates to work and learn in real time whilst producing valuable output for the company.

Personal Coaching

For individuals our consultants will work on a one to one basis with trainers to develop the whole package sharing our know how and practical experience right through the training cycle.

 So what’s different?

When you love what you do it shows and our consultants show it and enjoy sharing the experience with others.

We will make it our goal to help you be your very best acting as a coach and trainer to build your confidence and provide the feedback to help you develop.

Our materials / experience and ideas are at your disposal. 

Your success is our evaluation







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