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Delivering Great Productivity

If there’s one thing delegates bemoan on training course it’s a lack of time. Time to work on their objectives, time to spend with their people and time to do all those things like appraisals that always seem to be left to the last minute.

The consequences of ineffective time management are lower productivity, under performance and stress. The good news is that enhancing our personal productivity is within everyone’s grasp- it’s not about Time Management but Self Management and few people are provided with the skills to manage their day effectively.

 With over 20 years experience in the Personal Productivity business we can provide your people with the tools and techniques to take control of their activities , achieve more and reduce the feelings of helplessness and underachievement. Our courses are practical and centre on the delegates own role, our trainers have a wealth of knowledge and examples from many organisations to help fill their productivity tool kit.

We will help people to review their approach to find a system that works for them, using their own tools to give them back the control they need to do the important things in their role.

Our objective is to provide practical tools and techniques to not only help people do things better but to change their mindset and explode those Time Management myths.

Our Course content includes


  • What makes a great day


  • Understanding where our time goes.


  • Managing my business objectives.


  • Controlling my to do list.


  • Managing my boss.


  • Tackling mini projects/ Setting Objectives


  • Prioritising and planning my day.


  • Using technology such as Outlook.


  • Delegating effectively- a unique approach.


  • Dealing with time stealers such as interruptions.


During the course delegates will develop a set of tips and tools that work for them and create an action plan for use back in the workplace and our trainers will take some of the old favourites like SMART objectives and give them a whole new spin

This course is run over 2 days and is fully documented with supporting materials and slides.

So what’s different?

Our approach is to change peoples thinking as well as offering them tools to change their behaviour. By spending time reviewing their approach they can see how a different set of behaviours can make a difference.

We position our courses as opportunities to improve rather than a therapy session for people who feel they have too much work.

As part of this program delegates will be provided with a tool before their course to help analyse their use of time prior to attending.

 Our trainers will also take the time to flex the content to match the group’s needs.

Each delegate will also receive a 30 minute remote coaching session as part of the package at no extra cost.

Our Time Management course has no more than 12 delegates providing time for the trainer to coach individuals as required.





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