Team Development Workshops

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Team Development Workshops

  There may be many reasons why a leader might to wish to engage in a Team Development Workshop. The team may be facing a new challenge, engaging in a change process or reviewing their performance .It may be that the leader is new and wants to ensure every one understands the business goals and the performance required. What ever the reason there can be no doubt that a well crafted and delivered workshop will enthuse, inform and inspire a team and set firm foundations for future success.

 Team workshops are an opportunity for leaders to work with an experienced consultant to design and help deliver an engaging intervention that will provide the foundations for future performance.

 The three important questions for this approach are


  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • What needs to be different?


With this information our consultants can identify the practical examples and activities that will provide the catalyst for change.Our approach is about partnership. Our consultant is a support to you and our clients must always play the lead in the approach for after all it’s the leader that will continue to run the team. Our consultants will advise and coach at each stage of the process providing the know how from successful sessions with other companies.Whilst the content is unique to the individual team there are a set of elements that often warrant inclusion;



  • Our team vision.


  • The business case for change.


  • Our present performance.


  • Our future goals.


  • Personal performance measures.


  • Team performance measures.


  • Relationship plotting.


  • Improving our business performance.


  • Our team values.


  • Positive team behaviours.


This course consists of 1 day of consultancy and 1 day with the team. The consultancy day is split into investegation and desigh part of which will be conducted on the clients place of work.

So what’s different?

Truly bespoke, the direction and content will be assembled to suite you and your team. We will use your language and goals as the basis of your day.

Our partnership approach means that you are always leading the process at every stage. We will encourage you to lead during the workshop so it’s your message in your words that get through to your people. We will provide coaching to help you do this.

Our commitment to your success continues with a 2 hour remote coaching session after the workshop. In some cases this may be possible at the clients workplace. This allows the consultant and leader to review progress and stay on track







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