Delivering Great Presentations

Delivering Great Presentations 

We have all had those mixed feelings about making a presentation, we know it is our chance to shine and make an impression but often this exited energy can be overwhelmed by the feelings of fear and lack of confidence.

Great presentations are about managing a mixture of skill and confidence to deliver a compelling message in a natural and engaging way. Both feed of each other, the more we recognise our own skills the more confident we become which encourages us to adopt new practice’s that make our skills even more evident.

The aim of this course is to develop and improve the skills and confidence of everyone who gives presentations as part of their professional and personal lives.

This course provides a safe learning environment where they can increase their awareness of what good presentations look and sound like, increase confidence to approach presentations with style and experience with structured personal feedback from an experienced coach.

Our objective is simple; to help you to deliver presentations to be proud of and that will enhance both your message and reputation as an excellent communicator with a style and panache all of your own. This course is particularly useful for managers, sales people and those wishing to promote important business information to a wider audience and enhance their personal and business credibility.

Course Content



  • What makes a Great presentation?


  • Getting the structure right.


  • Creating a presentation plan.


  • Managing nerves and building confidence.


  • Building rapport with your audience.


  • Getting the best from visual aids.


  • Handling difficult situations.


  • Dealing with audience questions.


  • 3 Video practice sessions.


  • Personal 1:1 coaching.


This course is run over 2 days and is fully documented with supporting materials and slides. Each delegate will receive a CD with of their 3 presentations to review later.Each course is led by an experienced tutor with the addition of a presentation coach which will provide individual feedback to each delegate.

We can also offer a one day refresher for those who wish to hone their skills and 1 to 1 coaching when preparing for that important presentation

So what’s different?

Our focus is to help delegates create great presentations that are in the context of their working lives. We encourage them to bring their own presentations with them so they can practice in as near a real environment as possible using their own company context and language. We know that for many, presentations can be a confidence killer so we deal with nerves on the course so people leave knowing where they have strengths and the places they need to focus on.

Our coaches provide sessions of 1:1 feedback structured to help people improve for the next session and will offer advice during the preparation process.

Our presentation skills course has no more than 8 delegates providing more time with the trainer and coach for a more personal approach.






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