Managing My Appraisal

Get the most from your Appraisal.

 For many employees the advent of appraisals can be a time of worry and stress as they balance the messages of the organisation with their own internal feelings.

Organisations present the appraisal process as a positive opportunity to discuss progress and set goals whilst often employees feel threatened by the process and distrust the logic and methods behind it. If organisations are to truly get the best from the appraisal system they must present and manage it as a two way process between the company and employee.

Our workshop – Managing your Appraisal, gives back control to the employee being appraised by giving them the information and confidence they need to take a full part in the appraisal interview.

Our objective is to ensure that employees understand the process and forms that are used and how they fit into their day to day working lives. We ensure your people have the information to prepare and contribute during the interview, laying the foundations for better appraisals in the future and improved performance.

 Course Content



  • Why companies use appraisal systems


  • Why they are important to all employees.


  • Understanding your appraisal process.


  • Understanding the appraisal forms.


  • Preparing evidence for the interview.


  • Listening and asking questions.


  • Dealing with disagreements.


  • Following up on next steps.



This is a ½ day workshop that can be run for up to 12 people. The content is based completely around the companies’ forms and process and is best run in conjunction with an HR professional as a subject matter expert.


So what’s different?

Too few organisations take the trouble to ensure that their employees are well prepared for their appraisals. By ensuring your people are prepared and confident you will ensure better performance from your employees and the managers delivering appraisals.

We will use all your own forms and materials and are used to the inclusion of values based behaviours being included.

All delegates will receive an appraisal preparation checklist prepared to match your company process as part of the workshop.


Your Investment

 A ½ day workshop for 12 delegates including all materials is £5OO







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