Leading a Great Team

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Leading a Great Team

 It’s a common misconception that putting a group of people together creates an effective team by default. Teams are developed and maintained by effective leaders who understand the leadership techniques required to provide the direction and focus to be effective. Ask most team leaders what they have done to create their team and they will reply nothing past the usual communication. The difference between an effective and ineffective team leader is intervention, being amongst the action and effecting change.

The objective of this leadership course is to provide delegates with the knowledge and tools to actively develop their team over time from laying the foundations of vision to appraising their performance as a group. Our course is essential for any team leader, manager or those waiting in the wings to take up the challenge. It combines trusted models with unique tools and approaches developed over many courses to help people identify the team they want, plan the route to achievement and maximise its output.

This course is not a theoretical approach. Delegates will use their own team as the model for their learning and from that approach gain an insight and understanding that will inform their action plan.

Delegates will return to work with a unique blueprint to create the team that will deliver their business goals.Our objective is providing practical tools for delegates to use back in the workplace and the understanding to use them confidently.Included as part of the course materials is a copy of Super Teams by Mike Pegg, an inspiring writer with a practical approach.


Course Content



  • Auditing your team – where are they now?


  • How to create a vision with your team.


  • Understanding the different approaches of your people.


  • Spotting skills deficits.


  • Creating a communication plan and how to deliver it.


  • Knowing the leaders best contribution.


  • Creating interdependence through Team Accountabilities.


  • Conducting a review with your team.


  • Tools for ideas and involvement.


  • Involving the team in recruitment.


This course is run over 2 days and is fully documented with supporting materials and slides. Each delegate will also receive a toolkit of interventions with instructions of how to use them with their people.

So what’s different?

A pre course questioner will ensure that delegates have the right information on the course to analyse their team and plan next steps.

Our unique approach to team development through Team Accountabilities ensures people can contribute at their best and leave the leader time to lead.

The book Super Teams by Mike Pegg provides a wealth of lessons and inspiration.

Each delegate will also receive a 30 minute remote coaching session as part of the package at no extra cost.








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