Influencing Skills


Influencing Skills

In a business enviroment where hierarchy is reducing and position power is no longer a guaranteed way to make things happen the effective people are the ones who can bring positive influence to bare on the people around them.

Whether you are pitching for resources, explaining the benefits of a product or communicating with your team and internal customers, presenting a clear and concise message that engages with people provides a lasting influence long after the first actions of compliance wear off.

Our objective is to help people communicate ideas and suggestions at their best. We will help people understand

where their approach can be most effective and create an awareness of how to maximise their impact.

A communication skills course, this approach is suitable for managers and sales people, project managers and those who need to work across business networks dealing with a diverse range of people.

The inclusion of Robert Cialdini’s book Influence, Science and Practice provides a grounded and persuasive set of Influencing practice through time and across sectors that adds a deeper understanding to the subject as a whole.

 Course Content



  • Understand the principles of influencing others.


  • Identify the areas where you can be most influential.


  • Understand the advantages and limitations of your natural communication style.


  • Manage your communication style for maximum impact.


  • Deal with objections and logical fallacies.


  • Listen and seek clarification in a constructive manor.


  • Understanding the point of view of others.


  • Identify tools and techniques for effective influencing.


  • Understand and remove barriers to communication.


  • Building a positive influencing network.



This course is run over 2 days and is fully documented with supporting materials and slides.  The course will also include the use of group video and participant led scenarios. The course will also include the use of media clips to further enhance learning and post course remote coaching.

So what’s different?

Influence is about the keys to effective communication and we provide a mixture of relevant media examples to inspire learning and act as exemplars for success.

Our course uses the organisations structure and the participants’ role as the blueprint for action and encourages delegates to use real examples of things they wish to achieve in their role.

Our course also includes a text book on Influence and Psychology to underpin the themes and provide extra information.

Our Influencing Skills course has no more than 12 delegates providing more time with the trainer for a more personal approach.

Each delegate will also receive a 30 minute remote coaching session as part of the package at no extra cost.






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