Developing Great Leaders


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Developing Great Leaders

Our Leadership Development program combines some of the best content around with lessons from a broad range of companies across the UK.

We don’t want to clone your leaders but help them make their best contribution to the values and culture of your organisation. The question is “what does a great leader do in your company” – when we know that we can help your people put it into practice.

Our programs are bespoke crafted to suite your own needs. We will help you choose from a range of modules that will create the content and duration that is right for you and will help you reach your business goals.

For inspiration we take examples from the world of business / entertainment and sport to create a compelling vision of what others have achieved. We then add the practical tools and techniques that help leaders to develop an action plan they can use back in the work place.

Whether its Henry V inspiring his people at Agincourt or Ian Thomas a game warden talking about team working lions the power of the vision helps us to make it our own and excel to be our best.

 Course Content


  • What makes a Great Leader – My Vision?


  • My Leadership style.


  • Leading different people / being flexible.


  • Coaching and Feedback Skills.


  • Managing Performance and Setting goals.


  • Developing and Managing Teams.


  • The best approach to Delegation ever.


  • Understanding Motivation.


  • Leading people through Change.


  • Managing my Boss.


Each of these subjects could be a 1 day course in itself. We will work with you to identify the essential messages you wish to get over and the best approach / medium to make the most impact.

Courses can be delivered on a 2 or 3 day basis or packaged into a modular approach to be delivered over an extended period.

So what’s different?

Our extensive experience of different business sectors gives us a unique experience of what works. Our range of examples is and best practice approach is second to none.

Our experience with your business adds to our own learning. We want to know what makes you tick. We will spend time getting to know you and shape what we do around your goals. We don’t deliver course we help you achieve your goals.

Each delegate on a Leadership Event will receive a 30 minute Remote Coaching session to help embed learning after the course.








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