Creative Solution Finding

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Tools for Finding Solutions

Our Creative Thinking course won’t make you a genius but it will expose you to different approaches to thinking through issues and finding solutions.

Every one will have a preferred approach to problems which may be based on experience of what has worked in the past or the organisational norms/ culture that we are working in. This course will provide you with a range of approaches/ tools that will enable you to identify potential solutions to problems as well as planning for the future by finding Solutions not Solving Problems.

 Our approach is to help people find solutions, not merely solve problems. Solving a problem suggests there is 1 approach where as in fact there are often a range of solutions that could be adopted that must be compared against a range of often emotional variables.

Our objective is to provide a range of Thinking Tools for individuals and groups to use that will cut across “best fit” approaches and help delegates choose from a broader and richer set of options.

Our course is intensive and tool based – we don’t want to change your personality, just give you more thinking options. We encourage you to bring work based issues to “solution find “with and by broadening your thinking the range of options you have is guaranteed  to increase.

Each delegate will receive a tool kit of solution finding techniques with explanations on how to use them in the work place.  They will also receive a copy of Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century a superb book outlining many different techniques for learning and problem solving


Course Content


  • The blocks to creativity.


  • Creating the right enviroment.


  • Identifying the real problem.


  • Creating a solution vision.


  • Personal solution finding techniques and tools


  • Solution finding techniques and tools for groups.


  • Scenario planning.


  • Thought experiments.


  • Analysing options.


  • Winning support for ideas


This 1 day course is fully documented with supporting materials and slides.

So what’s different?

Our focus is on how people can use tools to find the best solution for issues not change their thinking style. These tools form a kit bag that can be used when required changes in our day to day approach.

Our Thinking Tools can be used individually as well as in groups which makes this an excellent course for managers wishing to develop team involvement and engagement through working through issues together.

The book Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century by Rose and Nicholl provides valuable insights into new approaches and is inspirational in its presentation.

Every delegate receives a 30 minute Remote Coaching session after the course.







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