Assertive Communication

Assertive Communication Skills

Assertive communication is not just about getting your own way. It’s about building the personal skills and resilience to get your views across with confidence whilst showing respect to those around you.

An assertive approach has links to emotional intelligence especially understanding and managing myself. By understanding our approach and emotional triggers we can identify when we may be liable to take a non assertive or aggressive approach. This information provides the foundation for becoming more aware of our behaviour and making the right choices with others.

This practical 1 day communication course will help delegates choose from a range of different strategies to promote honest and open communication.

 It is useful for people who wish to ensure that their style is received in a positive manor without being perceived as aggressive or people who wish to ensure their message is heard and build their confidence.

This course can also be very useful for newly promoted team leaders who wish to establish their role within the team whilst maintaining positive relationships.

 Our objective is to make people consciously competent in managing their behaviour by giving them skills they can use and the confidence to use them whilst enhancing their personal credibility.

Course Content


  • What do we mean by Assertive?


  • Recognising and managing emotional patterns.


  • Adapting your communication style.


  • Recognising emotion in others.


  • Creating Win/Win solutions.



  • Understanding and acting on our personal rights.


  • Helping others be assertive.


  • Dealing with aggression.


  • Getting an internal mentor.


This course is run over 1 day and is fully documented with supporting materials and slides.

So what’s different?

A range of personal and group activities ensure this course is fun and interactive.

Each delegate is encouraged to complete a pre course questioner with their leader to inform their self image for reflection on the course.

Each delegate will receive a text book on assertiveness providing extra information on tips and techniques

Each delegate will receive an opportunity for 30 minutes remote coaching after the course to build confidence and discuss progress.





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