Appraisal Skills


Delivering Effective Appraisals

Many organisations now recognise the appraisal as an essential part of the company achieving its business objectives. Unfortunately in some organisations they are looked upon with indifference or loathing by managers who are tasked to deliver them and dread by those who are to be appraised.Any of these approaches are detrimental to the output and cast a cloud over what should be a positive and progressive experience.

At Great Training we know that the key to an effective appraisal process is the level of skill leadership use in delivering it. All too often complaints about unwieldy systems or uninterested participants are excuses for poor implementation.

We believe that appraisals are an essential managment skill for developing people and if you are not developing your people what contribution are you making?

Our objective is two fold. Firstly we want to ensure your people understand the value of an appraisal system and how it contributes to the success of their business and the company as a whole.

Secondly we want to ensure delegates know how to deliver it so they have the skills to not just complete the form but get the benefit of this important communication process.

 We want your people to be committed to the appraisal process which means an increase in quality and delivery.



  Course Content



  • The importance and benefits of the appraisal process.


  • Setting goals and expectations.


  • Planning for appraisals and gathering evidence.


  • Linking performance to company values.


  • The appraisal cycle.


  • Essential communication skills.


  • Handling difficult situations.


  • Structuring the appraisal interview.


  • Reporting and maintaining records.


  • Preparing your people for appraisal.


This 1 day course is designed to help managers deliver their appraisal objectives. Companies should expect a significant improvement in the quality of the process and feedback.



So what’s different?

We will deliver this course based on your process. We will use your forms and approach throughout the workshop to ensure it reflects your organisation. To achieve this we will meet with your HR/Training professionals prior to the course to familiarise ourselves with your business.

We will work with your HR/ Training professionals to ensure that messages about expectations of quality and process are consistent. This partnership approach applies to both design and delivery.

We can offer advice to managers on how to effectively prepare for the process and novel ways of collecting information to use for feedback.

Each delegate will receive a 30 minute remote coaching session after the workshop to embed the learning and solve potential difficulties.







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