MTBI Critique

Brian Dunning is the host of the Podcast Skeptoid which investigates the facts surrounding popularly held beliefs. His site has over 120,000 weekly downloads  where undertakes a critical analysis of areas we often take for granted.

There are 3 podcasts that would be of interest to HR and Training professionals.

Is Neuro-linguistic Programming really a scientific psychotherapy breakthrough, or just a New Age self-help trend?


  A critical look at the world’s most popular psychological metric, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.


How valid are IQ tests, what do they really measure, and where do you fit in?

IQ Testing  



Whether you use these tools in your role or not they certainly make interesting listening and can be challenging .They are about 12 minutes each and you can get the text from his site. You may even find some of his other articles of interest.

This is a great site for those who  pride themselves on critical thinking and I would recommend it to anyone. Go to


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