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The Benn Partnership in Rugby – adding value to the community.

The Benn Partnership works within the community to help people of all ages and backgrounds find employment and enhance their skills. They provide a wonderful job club and support from a network of volunteers and add real value locally.They also do a great curry. I am pleased and proud to be associated with this project

For job club members – How to get prepared for an interview

Preparing for a Job Interview – Benn Partnership

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Dealing With Conflict

Conflict is the inevitable output of workplaces that seek to integrate a broad range of skills and backgrounds and when managed poorly can have a negative effect on both the culture and profitability of an organisation. Kenneth Thomas PhD co developer of the Thomas/Kilmann conflict model defines conflict as,

‘the condition in which peoples concerns appear to be incompatible’

and suggests that research has shown that depending on their level within the organisation managers self report that they spend 18-26% of their time dealing with workplace conflicts.

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Dealing with Confilict Positvley SLD

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Effective Delegation Slides 24th May 2013

Slides for Rugby Council Delegation_Slides_RBC_24_5_2013

Trust – The keystone of Leadership

Is Trust on your Leadership Agenda? Research shows that the experiences of many employees before and during the recession have led to a fall in trust for both organisations and their leaders. This is not to say that employees are merely resentful of leadership actions – many understand the business context and the tough decisions that have to be made but feel they are not respected in the way these decisions are delivered. Whilst employers may feel they own the labour market at the moment the erosion of trust and feelings of uncertainty have an impact on a company’s ability to weather the business storm. A lack of trust reduces the company’s capability to solve problems/work collectively and share information openly, the very traits it needs to demonstrate to gain a competitive advantage in tough times and retain talent for times of growth.

See an overview of our workshop Trust – the keystone of Leadership

The Keystone Of Trust

Review a small selection of sample slides from the course

Building Trust

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Trust Employee Briefing

Usain bolt and the Jamaican relay team provide a great metaphor for the importance of trust and team working in organisations. For more information contact

This presentation was made in 2009 to over 600 employees at a manufacturing organisation in the north of England as part of their Dignity at Work initiative. The themes of Trust and Team Working formed part of their employee engagement strategy which enabled them to subsequently win a prestigious business award.
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